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Welcome to Ocean Raider Inc. South Florida’s premiere marine, yacht and boat carpentry. We excel in professional, quality work in Fort Lauderdale, and throughout South Florida.

Ocean Raider Inc. has been operating in Fort Lauderdale since 1995. However, John Angermeyer the owner and operator has been working on boats and all type of yachts since he was a child. He was introduced to the boating world by his father and uncles who grew up in the harbor in Hamburg, Germany. They found a love for the sea and the sailing ships at a very young age.

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The people who really know yachts and build the finest interiors, exteriors, including teak decks cap rails, hull repairs and just about anything on a boat! Choosing someone to build or remodel your luxury yacht is not an easy decision, that is where our professionalism and experience comes abroad.

Ocean Raider, Inc. have crewed luxury yachts and charter boats in major yachting hotspots in Florida, Mediterranean and the Caribbean, as well as worldwide locations.

The following are just some of the services provided at Ocean Raider, Inc:

  1. WOOD & VENEERS: Fabrication of the finest finished cabinetry and joinery.
  1. FIBERGLASS: Fabrication of custom parts, plugs and molds.
  1. METAL: Design parts, systems-welding and fabrication.
  1. CORIAN, AVONITE AND OTHER SOLID SURFACES: Fabrication of tables and all counter tops.
  1. ACRYLIC: Fabrication of dish, cup, bottle and glass holders, etc.
  1. VYNILS & FABRICS: Fabrication and installation of headliners including
    whisper wall.